psychedelic : trance and hallucinations

    Psychedelia is the subculture of the people using psychedelic drugs . Its associated with the highly unconsciousness felt during the usage of these drugs with the distorted and surreal visions of  colorful patterns . The images in the head created by this experience is something of reverberation and some bright colors wth full spectrum effect . Hallucinations are however a part of this trance psychedelia . It can imply changes in perception of the viewer’s variation of thought patterns and altered states of awareness .

psychedelic effect

Psychedelia although means ” mind manifesting ” . And offcourse there already inventives of psychedelic music in our history . The fashion for psychedelic drugs gave its name to the style of psychedelia, a term describing a category of rock music known as psychedelic rock, as well as visual art, fashion, and culture that is associated originally with the high 1960s, hippies, and the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Famous rock bands like Pink Floyd , The Beatles , Jimi Hendrix and The Woods performed one of the purest forms of psych music in their times .

psychedelic place of rest

             Coming down to the essence of hallucinations ..they are created by many of the absolute natural substances  found on earth .

  • Nutmeg – Although it isn’t the most useful of spices , but certainly nutmeg contains small amounts of a compound called myristicin, which is chemically similar to mescaline, the active compound in the peyote cactus. The downside about this legal high is that you need to consume an enormous amount of the stuff to have any noticeable hallucinogenic effect.
  • Magnets – Over the past 20 years an increasing amount of research has been conducted into magnetic fields and their influence on the human brain.Some scientists are suggesting that natural magnetic fields may be the reason why people see ghosts or why groups of people have shared UFO or alien sightings. Science has proven that magnets do indeed create hallucinations – colorful lines and geometric patterns – akin to what people experience when under the influence of hallucinogens such as psychedelic mushrooms, LSD or peyote cactus. In the future magnets and transducers could well become the new entertainment playground. Imagine a home console where games are played inside your mind rather than taken in through your eyes ? Sounds like fantasy ? Japan’s SONY corporation already has a patent for such a system in place .magnetic fields
  • Cheese – Cheese takes a long time for your body to digest so if you eat it before bed then your brain is too active at a time when it should be resting which results in vivid dreams.I have also experienced such dreams after eating blue cheese.  Some people point out that cheese contains high amounts of the amino acid tryptophan which can relax the body and mind and may be the reason for “cheese dreams”. I doubt that however because other foods have just as much or more grams of tryptophan per 100 grams of food. Eggs and soybeans for example are higher in tryptophan than cheese and yet I don’t recall ever having “egg dreams” nor “tofu dreams”.
  • Light – The use of light to have a hallucinogenic experience is an idea which is growing in popularity. For some people, being subjected to a series of repeating flashes of light is enough to induce a psychedelic trip.psychedelic - light effect
  • Dreaming and Sleep Deprivation are most common ways of hallucinating . As for when we sleep our mind experiences pleasant and surreal excursion during sleep in which our brain processes the thoughts, ideas and emotions we experience during our waking life.  Generally speaking dreams are unhinged and out of our control. No matter how many times you dream about your wildest desires we often wake up right before things get really juicy ! And i have had a weird interest in hallucinating through sleep deprivation as a teenager and i think lack of sleep definitely has an effect on how certain areas of the brain and the visual cortex function .                 psychedelic dreams

My alter ego is a victim of the urge of experiencing the effects of clean source of trance though . Being stoned by psych drugs would stand another perfect choice . worth it .

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